Friday, December 3, 2010


  1.  Prices shown are fixed and shown on each photo. Unless you want to buy for wholesale (min 15 pairs) then do not ask me about the price. No nego please.
  2. I do not do cod. All lens will be sent to your doorstep
  3. all prices are inclusive of delivery
  4. your orders will be submitted only if you have made payment.
  5. Payment must be made in 2-3 days after placing your order, if you have difficulties in doing this, then please tell me 1st.
  6. You will receive your lens in less than a weeks time except if you place orders on friday-sunday or public holidays. Your lens will be sent the very next day after you have made payment,
  7. Ask me questions on only my lens and nothing else besides them. Do not question me on ridiculous questions that are in no way related to what i am selling.
  8. Once payment is made, no refund is allowed or cancellation of orders.
  9. I will not be responsible if you fail to follow the correct lens regime that may result to development of serious eye problems. .
  10. For serious buyers only!! Do not order if you cannot pay or not sure of buying. I will not hesitate to blacklist you if you attempt a false order. Once delivery is made, i will send to you your tracking number. In case of late delivery, please check with
  11. Goods sold are not refundable or exchangeable. We do not accept opened bottles returned for any reasons.
  12. Buy at ur own risk. I will not be responsible of any problem of your eyes.
  13. There is no guarantee that ur eyes are suitable for those lenses. Only guarantee on the authenticity of the lenses.
  14. All the items will be posted using pos ekspress which means there will be no need of signatures when receiving. I f you are not at home when the postman delivers, please check your mailbox or check with your receptionist if you send to office address.
  15. I will not be responsible if there is any delay in sending the parcel for delivery.
  16. All item will be checked and packed properly prior to delivery.
  17. I will not be held responsible for any damage of or loss to the package during deliver

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